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Utilizing a mobile device, Servis24 Mobile Distribution enables tracking of the loading, delivery, and unloading of items. Because the items are monitored from the warehouse’s exit to the end user and back, it is seen as an add-on to the WMS system.

This makes the distribution process even more transparent by performing the control of items and shipments outside your warehouse or distribution center.

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How can you benefit from Servis24 Mobile Distribution?
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Increased transparency

You are always aware of the whereabouts of your shipment, the destination, and the carrier. The solution further increases the process's transparency in this way.

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Lower costs

Shipment tracking lowers the number of lost or stolen packages and improves delivery accuracy. Additionally, the amount of time lost when searching the parcels is kept to a minimum, all of which contribute to a decrease in overall operating costs.

Tracking of loading

  • The documents generated in the WMS or distribution system are automatically downloaded to the mobile device.
  • The driver receives information about the shipments ready for loading on the mobile device and loads them by scanning the barcode of each shipment.
  • Loading ends after the vehicle is loaded with shipments and all information is returned back to the WMS.

Tracking of delivery

  • During the delivery, the driver has a list of all shipments on the mobile device with all delivery information downloaded from WMS.
  • Based on that, it is known who is the final recipient, what’s his/her address, and their contact number.

Tracking of unloading

  • During unloading, i.e. at the end of delivery, the driver scans the single shipment, hands it over to the end-user, and marks it as delivered.

Real-time analytics

  • Real-time monitoring of all your shipments. You can track the progress of every package, and you are aware of the precise time of delivery.


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