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S24 WMS is the ultimate solution for complete control over your warehouse processes and accurate inventory insight from the moment goods enter to the moment they exit the warehouse. With its adaptability and our dedicated team’s quick and accurate support, we ensure complete business continuity with zero downtime.

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What advantages does Servis24 WMS offer you?
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Lower operational costs and optimization of storage space

To minimize storage expenses, the WMS system optimizes storage space according to the type of products, their turnover rate, and the method of their entry and exit from the warehouse (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO).

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Improved employee productivity

The app guides your employees to work using pre-defined logic, leaving no room for error, while also providing the warehouse manager with a better understanding of their productivity through analytics.

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Real-time inventory tracking

Every item entering the warehouse features a distinct barcode, ensuring you can effortlessly track its location and quantity. This offers valuable insights into item movement and helps identify trends and patterns.

Receiving and put-away

Using handheld terminals to scan barcodes during the goods receiving process can minimize errors and speed up workflow.


Our Android app on handheld terminals provides step-by-step guidance for picking products, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal errors in the warehouse.

Packing and shipping

Integrate TMS (Transport Management System) to automate shipping process and generate delivery documentation.

Other features

Managing the production process

Monitor every stage of your production process, from the receipt of goods and raw materials in the warehouse to the final product.

Inventory count

By conducting regular or ad-hoc inventory checks, avoid stock shortages or surpluses. With the use of handheld devices by your employees, inventory counts are faster and more accurate.

Integration with ERP systems

Efficient operations and document flow require two-way communication between ERP and WMS. Servis24 WMS integrates with over 20 ERP systems to ensure seamless integration.

Traceability and serialization

Trace an item’s journey through the entire supply chain, from the consumption of raw materials to the final consumer and finished product.

Analytics and reporting

Some of the pre-built reports that you can use out-of-the-box include inventory status, goods movement, and workforce analytics.

Labor management

Improve warehouse labor utilization and streamline staff management with Servis24 WMS. Assign tasks to employees automatically or manually and analyze their performance to optimize labor costs.

GS1 code standardization

Servis24 WMS meets the GS1 international standards for efficient operations and supply chain transparency.

Goods loading process

When loading goods onto delivery vehicles, Servis24 WMS Android provides an additional level of control, ensuring more accurate deliveries and fewer returns from customers.

Smart scale integration

Integrate a smart scale for automated handling of incoming goods and precise weight measurements. This is particularly useful for accurately tracking weight data of products like fruits and vegetables.

Mobile distribution

Track package deliveries with Servis24 Mobile distribution, an add-on to our WMS. Simply use a mobile device to track your goods up until the point of delivery to the customer.

Integration with parcel delivery providers

Our S24 WMS seamlessly integrates with leading parcel delivery providers like DPD, DHL, and overseas carriers, ensuring immediate exchange of documentation for efficient and reliable delivery.


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Why Aktiva info?

Our 25 years of experience in WMS and logistics

With a wealth of knowledge in WMS and logistics, our team brings extensive experience and a track record of success in the market. We are well-versed in various warehousing procedures, allowing us to effectively tackle your warehouse challenges and drive your company's growth.

Expert consultancy and implementation

We perform an in-depth analysis of your current state, offering valuable insights and tailored recommendations to optimize your warehouse processes. Our expertise extends to guiding you through every step of the implementation process, ensuring seamless execution and impactful results.


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