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Servis24 Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software solution that provides complete control over all warehousing processes as well as accurate inventory insight from the moment goods enter to the moment they exit the warehouse.

Due to the adaptability of S24 WMS and the quick and accurate support of our team, we can provide you with complete business continuity in the warehouse with zero downtime.

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How can you benefit from Servis24 WMS?
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Lower operational costs and optimization of storage space

In order to keep storage costs as low as possible, the WMS system optimizes storage space based on the type of goods, their turnover, and the way they enter and exit the warehouse (FIFO; FEFO; LIFO).

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Improved employee productivity

The app guides your employees to work using pre-defined logic, leaving no room for error, while also providing the warehouse manager with a better understanding of their productivity through analytics.

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Real-time inventory tracking

Each product that enters the warehouse has a unique barcode, which allows you to always know where it is and in which quantity. This gives you information about how items are moving and makes it possible for you to see trends and patterns.

Receiving and put-away

Receiving goods by scanning their barcodes using handheld terminals reduces errors and expedites your workflow.


Picking, or the collection of products for delivery using our Android app on handheld terminals, allows warehouse personnel to be guided from the first to the last item with the goal of maximizing their efficiency and minimizing errors.

Packing and shipping

Integrate TMS (Transport Management System) to track your goods and automate the shipping process. All shipping and delivery documentation are then generated automatically.

Other features

Production process management

Keep an eye on every step of your manufacturing, from the arrival of goods and raw materials in the warehouse to the finished product.

Inventory count

By carrying out routine or irregular inventory counts, eliminate shortages and surpluses. Employees use handheld devices, resulting in a quicker, more accurate inventory count.

Integration with ERP systems

For efficient operations and document flow, two-way communication between ERP and WMS is essential. Twenty or more of the available ERP systems are integrated with Servis24 WMS.

Serialization and traceability

You can keep track of an item’s journey through the supply chain, from the raw material that is consumed through the finished product and the final consumer.

Analytics and reporting

A few of the ready-to-use reports include those on the condition of the inventory, the movement of goods through the warehouse, and workforce statistics.

Labor management

Optimize the cost of labor in the warehouse and effectively manage your staff, including the ability to automatically or manually assign work orders to employees and thorough analysis of each employee’s performance.

GS1 code standardization

The GS1 international criteria for effectiveness and supply chain visibility are met by Servis24 WMS.

Loading of the goods

When loading the goods into the vehicle before the delivery, Servis24 Android gives you an additional level of control. Your deliveries will be more accurate as a result, and your customers will send fewer returns.

Smart scale integration

Automated handling of incoming goods with precise information on their weight, made possible by the integration of a smart scale. In this way, you can accurately track the weight of your products, such as fruits and vegetables, for which you need accurate weight data.

Mobile distribution

You can track package deliveries using a mobile device with the Servis24 Mobile distribution, a WMS add-on. By doing this, you can track your goods up until the point of delivery to the customer.


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Why Aktiva info?

25 years of WMS and logistics experience

After numerous market-wide successes and familiarity with various warehousing procedures, our experience enables us to address your warehouse issues as effectively as possible while assisting you in growing your company.

Consultancy and implementation

Before making any alterations to your warehouse, we always perform an initial state study, provide process recommendations, and put all of this into action with the goal of enhancing your processes.


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