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Servis24 Ticketing is a software solution that manages the process of selling, booking, and controlling tickets for regular line shipping and for excursions and boats.

The system consists of a mobile and desktop application with the main benefit of reducing costs and introducing increased transparency and accuracy when selling and controlling tickets in maritime transport.

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How can you benefit from Servis24 Ticketing solution?
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Increased transparency

By introducing this software in your business you are significantly increasing transparency since you always know how many tickets you sold and how many passengers were onboarded.

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Increased sales and new sales channels

Use solution on multiple devices at the same time and promote and sell your tickets online to grow your business faster.

Sale and boarding control of tickets for regular line shipping

  • Sales of regular and privileged tickets for locals with the verification of the privileged cards on the SEOP server (Central Register of Island Rights).
  • Offline mode is also supported due to the possibility of signal disappearance on the islands.
  • Ticket sales data is updated on a central server where it is possible to monitor various reports sales reports.
  • When boarding the ship, the control and records of embarked passengers are performed, based on the unique barcode of each ticket.

Sale of tickets for excursions and excursion boats

  • Booking and selling tickets for excursions at one or more points of sale at the same time.
  • Each point of sale at all times sees the availability of capacity depending on the date of the trip and the capacity of the ship.
  • When booking, select the type of ticket, date of the trip, the desired route, and additional options (type of menu, diving, sightseeing, etc.).
  • Ticket sales can also be made possible through travel agencies and info points, regardless of the licensee, thus increasing sales, while the licensee has insight into the sales of all sellers and their possible commissions.

Online ticket sales

  • Selling tickets online via web interface with detailed analytics of sold tickets.
  • After the authorization and payment, the passenger receives an email with a ticket with a 2D barcode, which is presented when boarding the ship to validate the ticket.
  • Through the admin interface, detailed sales analytics and monitoring are available.


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