Different industries – one scalable WMS solution

Different industries – one scalable WMS solution

Every industry has its own specific logistical requirements and unique business processes. At Aktiva Info, we understand the challenges that come with managing a warehouse in any industry, and we have developed our WMS system to address these challenges. Our focus on process optimization means that we have included a variety of features that can tackle the specific difficulties of each business.

Whether you are in the 3PL, retail, distribution, manufacturing, or any other industry, Servis24 WMS is a flexible and scalable solution that can be customized to meet your specific demands. Our system can enhance your warehouse processes and help you achieve optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution 3PL - Third party logistics

3PL - Third party logistics

Boosting warehouse productivity and reducing operational costs are crucial for any 3PL company, especially with the growing number of clients, each with their unique requirements.

Servis24 WMS allows for the storage and handling of an endless number of products for unlimited clients while also being easy to upgrade if necessary. Furthermore, the system can easily meet specific customer demands for traceability and in-depth analytics. With Servis24 WMS, 3PL companies can streamline their warehouse processes and meet the demands of their growing client base.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Manufacturing


Servis24 WMS includes a unique module called Manufacturing, which enables end-to-end inventory control and monitoring of the entire production process. This module allows for the entry of raw materials, tracking of used materials, and production of new, finished products.

Additionally, it provides thorough supporting documentation for batch information, shelf life, and item movement tracking, ensuring complete traceability and quality control. With Servis24 WMS Manufacturing, you can have a comprehensive view of your entire production process, from start to finish.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Retail


In the retail industry, maintaining a proper inventory level is crucial to avoid customer dissatisfaction. Servis24 WMS offers real-time inventory monitoring, ensuring that the stock level is always at the required minimum.

With a quick onboarding process, new employees can be trained efficiently, enabling them to respond promptly to sudden demand spikes. Additionally, Servis24 Mobile Distribution app offers package traceability from the warehouse to the end user, ensuring that the delivery process is completed smoothly.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Wholesale and distribution

Wholesale and distribution

Proper inventory management is essential to ensure optimal stocking levels in a warehouse, avoiding missed sales or excessive storage costs.

Our sophisticated item entry system ensures that goods are located in the right place as specified during WMS setup, utilizing the warehouse space in the most efficient manner. By considering a variety of parameters, we position different items in different locations to achieve optimal warehouse utilization.

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