Different industries – one scalable WMS solution

Different industries – one scalable WMS solution

Each industry has its own logistic specifics with a need for support of different business processes.

With the main goal of process optimization, our WMS solution has many special features which cover most industry-specific problems.

Servis24 WMS is an adaptable and scalable solution that can satisfy your specific needs and improve your specific warehouse processes, whether you are a 3PL, retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, or something else.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution 3PL - Third party logistics

3PL - Third party logistics

It is clear that in any 3PL business, it is essential to reduce operating costs as much as possible and increase productivity within the warehouse. Each of your clients may have special requirements at the same time, and the number of clients often increases.

With Servis24 WMS it is possible to store and manipulate an unlimited number of items for an unlimited number of clients, which is very easy to add to the system if necessary. Also, specific customer requirements in terms of traceability or detailed analytics can easily be met.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Manufacturing


In the production process, in addition to the operations within the warehouse, it is important to monitor the entire process from the input of raw materials to the finished product.

A special module, Manufacturing, within Servis24 WMS, enables end-to-end control of inventory – from the entry of raw materials, tracking the consumed material to generating a new, finished product. All this with detailed supporting documentation and defining batch information, shelf life, and tracking of items movement.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Retail


When you’re in retail and you are storing your goods it is very important to closely monitor the state of the inventory in the warehouse. That way your customers are never going to experience a “sold-out” situation since you’ll always have minimum stock required.

In addition, rapid onboarding of new warehouse workers is required for a quick response in the event of increased demand. Also, with Servis24 Mobile Distribution, it is possible to track packages from the exit of the warehouse to the final location to the end customer. This completes the whole process.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Wholesale and distribution

Wholesale and distribution

At all times, it is important that the warehouse is optimally filled – too few goods mean lost sales, too many goods mean too high storage costs.

In order for the goods to be located in an optimal location, the sophisticated entry of the goods ensures that the goods go to the exact location we defined when establishing the WMS. Depending on several parameters, we place different goods in different locations, all with the aim of optimal warehouse occupancy.

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