Different industries – one scalable WMS solution

Different industries – one scalable WMS solution

Each industry has unique logistical requirements with dynamic business process needs.

Our WMS system, which focuses on process optimization, includes a variety of unique features that address the majority of difficulties unique to each business.

No matter if you are a 3PL, retailer, distributor, manufacturer, or something else, Servis24 WMS is a flexible and scalable solution that can meet your unique demands and enhance your unique warehouse processes.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution 3PL - Third party logistics

3PL - Third party logistics

It is obvious that in any 3PL company, it is crucial to boost warehouse productivity and cut operational costs as much as possible. The number of clients regularly grows, and each one may have unique requirements at the same time.

With Servis24 WMS, an endless number of goods may be stored and handled for an unlimited number of clients, and the system is relatively simple to upgrade if necessary. Additionally, particular customer demands for traceability or in-depth analytics can be solved easily.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Manufacturing


Monitoring the entire production process, from the input of raw materials to the finished product, is crucial, in addition to the activities taking place in the warehouse.

Within Servis24 WMS, a unique module called Manufacturing offers end-to-end inventory control, allowing for the entry of raw materials, tracking of used materials, and production of new, finished products. All of this is supported by thorough supporting documentation that defines batch information, shelf life, and item movement tracking.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Retail


Monitoring the condition of the inventory in the warehouse is crucial when you are in the retail industry. As long as you maintain the minimal stock level necessary, your customers won’t ever encounter a “sold-out” situation.

In order to respond quickly to a spike in demand, it is also necessary for new warehouse employees to complete their onboarding process quickly. Additionally, Servis24 Mobile Distribution app makes it easy to trace packages from the moment they leave the warehouse until they arrive at their final destination—the end user. The process is finished at this point.

aktiva info Different industries – one scalable WMS solution Wholesale and distribution

Wholesale and distribution

It is crucial that the warehouse is always properly stocked; too few items result in missed sales, while too many items result in expensive storage costs.

The sophisticated entry of the items guarantees that they arrive at the preferred location we specified when setting up the WMS, enabling the goods to be located in an ideal location. With the goal of achieving optimal warehouse utilization, we position various goods in various locations based on a number of parameters.

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