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Warehouse management can become a game. Let us show you how.

Servis24 WMS
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How can your business benefit from Servis24 WMS?
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Lower operational costs and optimization of storage space

WMS system makes optimal use of storage space, depending on the type of goods, their turnover and the way they enter and exit the warehouse (FIFO; FEFO; LIFO), in order to keep storage costs as low as possible.

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Improved employee productivity

The app navigates your staff to work by pre-defined logic, leaving them no space for errors, and at the same time through analytics, it gives the warehouse manager a better insight into their productivity.

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Real-time inventory tracking

Each product that enters the warehouse has a unique barcode or serial number based on which you always know where it is located and in which quantities. This gives you an insight into the movement of goods and allows you to notice patterns in the required quantities of goods depending on your sales volumes.

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What our clients say about us?

Mladen Zatezalo - VBZ

Mladen Zatezalo


“After the implementation of Servis24 WMS, we witnessed many positive changes in the warehouse: the processes became faster and more precise, and satisfaction of our warehouse employees increased. Thanks to the automated scanning of all items, we significantly reduced errors in the delivery process and the cost of returning and replacing them."

Milena Milivojević - Ralu Logistics

Milena Milivojević
Logistics and Quality Manager

Ralu Logistics

“As one of the main advantages of Servis24 WMS and Aktiva Info, I would like to point out customer support and quick customizations and updates in the application. In addition, by replacing our old WMS system with Servis24 WMS, we witnessed improvements in day-to-day operations, increased warehouse productivity, and better analytics and reporting."

Toma Gošić - Lagermax AED Croatia

Toma Gošić
Head of IT Department

Lagermax AED Croatia

“The biggest advantage of Aktiva info as a company is a team of people behind the product and behind the support. Besides quickly resolving simple issues, the Aktiva team is helping us in handling complex problems in the warehouse, all of that without interrupting work in our distribution centers.”

20+Years of experience in WMS and logistics

250+Companies whose inventory is managed through Servis24 WMS

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